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Partners and Collaborators

The School works in partnership across the social care and social care research infrastructure. We work closely with Universities across wales, Social Care Wales, Local Authorities, the Health and Care Research Wales funded infrastructure, Third Sector organisations, community groups, practitioners, and members of the public. If you or your organisation would like to work with us please get in touch.

The School is delighted to announce that the School is part funding ExChange. Working closely with ExChange will support the knowledge mobilisation work of the School.

ExChange is an all-Wales network that brings together workers, researchers and those who use services to share experiences and expertise and learn from one another. Our aim is to improve social work and social care services by creating dialogue and ongoing relationships between people with different types of expertise.

We believe that research has most impact when it is part of an ongoing dialogue between researchers, practitioners and those with direct experiences of services.  As such our focus is on bringing leading researchers into direct contact with workers, managers and those who use services so that we can learn from one another. In our first year we are running a programme of more than 20 events across Wales, from large national conferences to small seminars with leading experts.

The All Wales Research Design and Conduct Service (RDCS) is a Health and Care Research Wales funded initiative operating through three trials units across Wales: Centre for Trials Research (Cardiff University); North Wales Organisation for Randomised Trials in Health (NWORTH, Bangor University); and Swansea Trials Unit (STU, Swansea University) with support from the Welsh Health Economics Support Service (WHESS) and Language Awareness Infrastructure Support (LLAIS, Bangor University).

NWORTH is the trial unit with the strategic lead for social care and works closely with the Wales School for Social Care Research to provide support and advice on social care research proposals. Click here to view the All Wales Research Design and Conduct Service (RDCS) Charter.

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