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Developing Evidence-Enriched Practice (DEEP): Improving Lives Through Storytelling

“Now that use of expert knowledge is different from having the expert telling people what to do, and `I think that’s where I draw the line. 

I have no problem with using information that experts have as long as they don’t say this is what you should do.” (Horton and Freire 1990 p130).

Hear about DEEP from some of the people involved:

Sue and Julie



Director of Social Services, Monmouthshire County and Chief Officer of PAVS

Service user and volunteer mentor, Swansea Council

Service Development Officer, Swansea Council

Hear our story

Hear my story

Hear my story




Consultant Social Worker, Island of Anglesey Council

Contracts and Commissioning Officer, Bridgend CBC

Community Support Co-ordinator, ACE Ely Caerau, Cardiff

Hear my story

Hear my story

Hear my story

What is the DEEP programme all about?

What organisations are involved in the DEEP programme and what are they doing?

How can I get involved in the DEEP programme?

Where can I find the DEEP toolkit ‘Improving Lives Through Storytelling’?



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