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All you need is love? Reflecting on relationships in the care system

26th Nov 2019


All you need is love? Reflecting on relationships in the care system





All children need love to help them thrive. Love instils a sense of self-esteem and belonging that is especially important when facing difficult or traumatic experiences throughout life.

However, ‘love’ is a challenging concept to understand and apply in the context of caring for children and young people removed or estranged from their birth families. There are many concerns about feeling and expressing love towards children and young people we care for in a professional context, not least safeguarding issues and fears about unstable personal boundaries. Nonetheless, love is both felt and expressed by both children and professionals, and close personal relationships based around trust and nurture are strongly valued by children and young people in care.

At this conference we present a range of professional and academic speakers, as well as care-experienced young people themselves, to discuss the difficult topic of love in the care system. We will consider our understanding of what love might mean in care contexts, different ways to express it and nurture it, and how it impacts the lives of care-experienced people, both in childhood and throughout their adult lives.


Book here: https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/all-you-need-is-love-reflecting-on-relationships-in-the-care-system-tickets-74086130611

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