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Leadership Training Programme

My Home Life Cymru Leadership Support Programme



What is the aim of the Leadership programme?

The programme aims to support you to promote positive cultural change in your care setting. The programme is unlike traditional training programmes where information is delivered or ‘taught’.  There is no PowerPoint.  Instead, our facilitators work with your experience, questions and ideas based on your everyday practice and invite you to take part in a range of different activities both with peers on the programme and with staff, families, and residents in your care setting and continuously think deeply about what you have learned from activities.  We pay a lot of attention to creating an environment where people feel able to share, in order to learn with and from each other. We know that My Home Life works best when participants commit to the programme and aim to attend all the sessions.  This helps you to get the fullest learning from the time and produce tangible benefits for your care setting.  We also hope to create a safe space for you to feel comfortable to give things a go.

The first four day workshop days

Through the workshop, you are supported to consider creative and meaningful ways of promoting evidence in practice and creating your own evidence in practice. A key part of the programme is to work together to understand relationships within your care setting and how these can be developed further through caring conversations. It is from this platform that the care setting can respond to what matters to everyone who lives, dies, visits and works in your practice setting (the MHL evidence base.) Every day has an overarching focus that aims to help you to develop relationships and an appreciative approach to enhancing the experiences of all in the care setting.

Day 1: Me and my role (relationship with self)

Day 2: My role in working with staff (relationship with staff)

Day 3: Moving the care setting forward (relationships across the entire community)

Day 4: The bumpy ride of development and bringing it all together!


Action Learning Days:

You will be encouraged to try out different activities that help to promote relationship centred practice each month. You may wish to share those things that worked well in trying out these new skills and also discuss some of the challenges with your group of peers and the facilitator in your action learning sets. It is an opportunity to discuss real issues and, through curious questions from your peers, you will be enabled to come up with your own solutions. We will explain more about action learning in the workshops.


Feedback from managers who have completed the Leadership Programme in Wales...

  1. I used to try and fix everyone's problems before really listening to what the problem might be. Now, through My Home Life I have learned to slow down, listen and support people to work through problems and find solutions.
  2. My staff has noticed a difference in me. I have stopped telling them what to do - instead, I ask them what works well and how we might we get things a bit better.
  3. I used to follow a set supervision form but now I use the tools given to me by My Home Life. I am getting to know my staff much better.
  4. My Home Life has sparked my imagination! I feel energised, ready to hand over some work knowing I am not invincible and I need some time for me too.

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