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Magic moments

The idea of developing a series of ‘Magic Moments’ booklets, in different areas of Social Care, came out of the Joseph Rowntree Foundation (JRF) and the Health and Care Research Wales funded Developing Evidence-Enriched Practice (DEEP) project; now part of the Wales School for Social Care Research.

The DEEP project initially sought to bring together older people, family carers, frontline staff, managers and researchers across six project sites in Wales and Scotland to explore how they could use a range of evidence to ‘make the world a better place’ in health and social care services. 

One area of interest for project participants was to use evidence to improve quality of life in care homes. More often than not, media attention regarding Care Homes is focused on the things that have gone wrong, rather than the many things that have gone right. This is both unbalanced and discouraging to everyone who lives in, visits, or works in Care Homes. By contrast, the DEEP project discovered many examples of kind, compassionate, creative, and

By contrast, the DEEP project discovered many examples of kind, compassionate, creative, and heart-warming stories of good practice in Care Homes, which became referred to as ‘Magic Moments’.  Such moments were often ‘hidden’ and did not feature in the written care plans, which are the focus of so much attention.  However, when these stories were shared and discussed, they encouraged and inspired others to create their own ‘Magic Moments’ in ways that care plans, rules, and regulations never could.

The aim of the second Magic Moments Booklet is to share a range of ‘Magic Moment’ stories from Consultant Social Work practice, in the hope they will inspire discussion, learning, and development regarding the role across Wales. The role of Consultant Social Worker was introduced in Wales to raise the status of the profession, leading the development of social work practice to enable individuals, families and groups to achieve their dreams and reach the best possible outcomes for them.

These ‘Magic Moments’ came from a variety of sources; Consultant Social Workers themselves; the individuals and families they work with; Social Workers and other professionals they support; and organisations and employers.  


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