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Research and Publications

Encouraging Co-production

We work co-productively with a wide array of organisations from Public Health Wales, Third Sector organisations and Local Authorities. Working in a co-productive way ensures that we work with the DEEP principals as well as staying true to the principals of the School.

Highlights of our co-produced work include:

  • The exploration and development of person to person timebanking in a Local Authority
  • The development of grass roots approaches to evaluation, learning and development, including the possible use of research-informed techniques (e.g. Complexity Theory and Most Significant Change Technique)
  • Supporting the development and expansion of the Dementia Engagement and Empowerment Project (DEEP) in Wales through hosting joint events and supporting particular initiatives¬†


We work closely with the Co-production Network for Wales an exciting across-Wales network focussing particularly on promoting and supporting co-produced research.


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